I am a self taught photographer who always had an interest in photography but could not afford anything more than a Kodak 110 Instamatic when I was younger (most probably don't know what that is). Things have changed throughout the years and my wonderful wife has been the encouragement and inspiration for me to pursue my passion. She helped by providing plenty of her beautiful wedding floral arrangements for me to take photos of. Honestly, I think she was making me work but I was enjoying taking photos so much, I didn't even know it. You can also find her work (and mine) at WildIrisWeddings.com 
Over the years I have been able to improve my skills through years of paid online training, trial and error and many mistakes along the way.
My work includes product photography, weddings, travel, landscapes and portraits. 
So, judge my photographs, not my lack of certification. 
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All photos are for sale. If interested, you can contact us and we can have your choice shipped directly to you from a professional print shop. 
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